martes, 20 de agosto de 2013

Request for GO Masters.

 Go-Ban, made in our workshop (rauli wood).

We are searching for Go Masters over 6 DAN (KGS server), in order to create an
boarding school for locals, national, and internationals Go players, in Valparaiso...
We are willing to give accomodation, daily food, and a basic wage for the one who
will like to take the challenge to start a new proyect involving arts, science, and social
work with community. 
The basic idea is: first to spread the Go in poor neighborhoods, specialy with young
fellows, second, improve the level of actual players to a higher level. Third, link the
Go discipline, with other knowledge.
Anyone who is intrested in coming to Valparaiso this Spring and stay at least one month, please feel free to contact us.


3 comentarios:

  1. In my humble opinion, this operation could be performed better by a Go Enthusiast with an international rating of 6-KYU or more... Many people misappropriate teaching skill with playing skill, when they are entirely different disciplines! :-) Realistically, nobody could even come close to attaining a 6-Dan rating from knowing nothing about the game in less than a *year*... so that person's 'Advanced knowledge' and skill would be wasted on beginners. I have personally coached several young players from 30-kyu to 3-kyu in less than a year, while only having a 6-kyu rating myself... They still asked my advice about the psychological approach to the game until they were firmly Dan-level players over a year after that---now they are *my* mentors, and I am still helping them learn how to *teach & coach* Go!


    Tyler Reynolds
    Vice-president - Grants & Youth, Canadian Go Association

  2. Hola, para ser honesto me preguntaba si un jugador 1d-1k no les sería útil, para al menos la fase inicial del proyecto, ya que es más fácil traer a un extranjero con alguna base en el proyecto, además creo que Cristian Contreras podría hacer un buen trabajo (que está por ese nivel) o tal vez hay algún otro jugador que se podría interesar dentro de nuestro país o los vecinos. Para la segunda parte del plan (dígase, mejoramiento del go local) los esfuerzos deberían ir hacia conseguir jugadores de nivel alto que enseñen.

  3. Hi everyone.
    I love Go and teaching, y vivo en Cerro Larraín.
    Hope we talk someday about this proyect.
    Now u have my mail.